What To Pack

What to Pack 

We all know that packing for a holiday can either leave you seriously underprepared or totally overpacked. Although you may think that the high heels you haven’t worn in two years are a holiday must-have, it’s better to leave the unnecessary items at home and make sure you have the essentials. To help you decide what to pack, we’re taking a look at the holiday essentials:

Comfortable travel wear

Before you can even think about your beachwear, you need to set aside an outfit for the time spent travelling – be it by train, plane or car. Wear your most comfortable clothes like loose jeans, a pair of tracksuit pants and slip-on sneakers. If you’re taking a flight, try to wear heavier items to save space in your luggage.

The basics

Apart from the usual necessities like underwear and socks, make sure that you always take the fashion basics on holiday with you. Your favourite pair of jeans, whether you prefer skinny jeans  or boyfriend jeans, can be re-worn with different tops and dressed up or down with a jacket, making them the perfect holiday companion. Try to pack some simple items like a white t-shirt and denim jacket that can easily be matched with your clothes, no matter the colour or style.

A day-to-night outfit

When you find yourself heading directly to a restaurant after a long day of sightseeing, you need a quick fix to take you from beachy to evening chic. That’s why we recommend you take an outfit that can be worn day and night without looking out of place, like a pretty dress or a floral shirt.

Comfortable sneakers

Before you even think about the fashionable sandals you’d like to wear, make sure you always have one pair of comfortable sneakers. You’ll be able to wear them everywhere: on walks, out at night and even to the beach, and you won’t find yourself with blisters after a long day on your feet. 

 Pick a swimsuit

If you’re going on a Summer holiday, pick one or two classic swimsuits or bikinis for the trip instead of taking several. That way you won’t have to worry about getting different tan lines!

Whatever you need for your holiday, always make sure you pack items that you know you’re comfortable in, because the last thing you want on holiday is to have to worry about what to wear!