5G: What To Expect As A Consumer


Working from home and online learning has become a staple in our daily lives due to the pandemic which, in turn, has made it necessary for us to have access to the fastest possible internet connection in our homes. Luckily the latest generation of mobile network 5G has hit our shores and it’s capable of delivering speeds 1000’s of times faster than the current 4G and LTE networks that are available - yes, you read that right.

What you need to know

5G is the 5th generation of mobile internet and is a huge step up from it’s predecessor, 4G. 5G is set to completely change the way we work by bringing us unbelievably fast internet speeds, with uninterrupted viewing and instant downloads and uploads. Gone are the days of waiting ages for files to download or your Netflix movies stopping at the best part because of slow internet.

What you’ll need

In order to access 5G, you will need to upgrade your wifi routers and get a cellphone that is equipped to handle the 5G speed. 5G-accessible phones are gradually being released in the country, with Huawei’s P40 Lite and P40 Pro+, Samsung’s Note 20 and LG’s V60 and V60 ThinQ 5G already on the market. Vivo, a brand that’s recently been introduced to Mzansi, is also offering an affordable 5G phone. When it comes to finding routers, Huawei has a number of routers,while Nokia and ZTE also have 5G routers which you’ll need if you want to have wireless home access to the 5G network.

Accessing 5G in South Africa

5G is not available on all networks in South Africa just yet but with plans to build new 5G-equipped towers on the horizon, we can expect an increase in 5G availability over the next few years. Currently, there are only three South African networks that offer 5G: Rain, MTN and Vodacom. Rain was the first operator to launch 5G access in the country in late 2019, followed by Vodacom in May 2020 and more recently, MTN, who launched their 5G access in June 2020. More networks will no doubt jump into the market soon enough which means we’ll soon enjoy a wider variety of options at competitive prices. 

With so many 5G options already available, and more on the way, super-fast internet is just a click away.

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